Fieseler FI 156 STORCH 

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FI 156 Storch History

FI 156 Storch technical data

FI 156 STORCH scale drawings (5 pages A4)

FI 156 STORCH Parts Catalogue (80 pages A4)

FI 156/K-65 CAP Photo galery (25 photographs)

FI 156 STORCH color schemes (91 scheme)

OKA-38 AIST -Rusian STORCH (5 pages A4)

Ikarus "KURIR-L" Yugoslav STORCH (50 pages A4)

Price-25 Eur/27 US$


Full size draws and photographs and complete text files are available only at CD ROM version.


Fieseler Fi 156 Storch  99 camouflage schemes book

99 camouflage schemes ,scale drawings,original 1938. published STORCH manual drawings,great resource for scale and RC modelers, scratchbuilders... 1/48 - 1/72 scale profiles,68 pages A4,colour  cover.

Price-25 Eur/27 US$

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